The Benefit of CCTV For Your Business
While CCTV may not seem like an important benefit, it actually can help your business in a
number of ways cctv singapore. First of all, it can be very beneficial for your insurance company. Most
insurance companies will give you premium perks if your business has CCTV. Furthermore,
CCTV will act as a substantial proof of security for any insurance claims you make. This means
that CCTV will help you get a good insurance quote, and your insurance company will be more
likely to agree to cover your expenses when they come to a claim.

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Deterrence factor
One of the benefits of CCTV is that it can help monitor crime in areas where it may occur. Guha
(2002) says that when CCTV is present surveillance camera singapore, people wonder who is responsible for these actions,
and some people are even aware of the repercussions. However, it is unclear whether CCTV will
actually deter criminals, or whether it will instead motivate them to commit more crimes. The
deterrence factor of CCTV may be one of the key factors in preventing crime.
Remote monitoring
There are many benefits to remote CCTV monitoring. First of all, remote CCTV monitoring can
provide the most reliable images possible. Rather than having staff members on-site, remote
monitoring staff can adjust camera positions to ensure clear visual evidence. They can also help
keep intruders from escaping blind spots and can communicate with intruders via loudspeaker.
Lastly, remote monitoring can help businesses maximize the return on their security budgets by
reducing labour costs and identifying issues before they become major problems.

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Identifying criminals
In a recent study, British Transport Police found that CCTV helped solve two-thirds of burglaries.
The study also found that CCTV was more effective in detecting non-residential burglaries. In

contrast, in a study by Coupe and Kaur (2005), CCTV doubled the detection rate of non-
residential burglary. The study relied on data from 2000, so it is unclear whether subsequent

technological advancements have increased the effectiveness of CCTV.
The cost of CCTV installations is relatively high, at about PS350 to PS600 per camera. The price
may vary depending on the number of cameras, the type of installation, and the area of
installation. It is essential to choose a qualified and experienced CCTV installer, however. Before
you hire a CCTV installer, you should research the company’s reputation and history. You can
also check customer feedback from previous customers. A good CCTV installer will provide you
with peace of mind, and your security will be greatly enhanced.

The Benefit of CCTV For Your Business